Our Services

Individual Session

In order to cater to individual needs of a child and his/her family, 1:1 therapy sessions are offered. At first, a developmental evaluation, which integrates information from parents, schools, and physicians, and assesses current skill levels through formal and informal measures, is conducted to address child’s critical needs for communication, social, emotional, learning and behavioral functioning. Based on findings of the evaluation, individual therapy is scheduled, ranging from a few hours per week to several hours per day. Every session is followed by progress report and parental discussion and training of the session’s goals.

Small Group Session

For children with similar levels of skills and learning styles, small group sessions would be beneficial. Group therapy offers various opportunities to improve peer interactions and apply language/literacy skills that the children have learned to more challenging situations. It also provides a more naturalistic setting simulated to systematically prepare them to participate in inclusion settings. Groups will be formed based on child’s communication and cognitive ability levels and common areas of concern.

NEWABA Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is designed for school-aged children (Kindergarten ~) to improve their overall skills in order to increase the likelihood of their inclusion with typically developing peers in time. It provides each child with an individualized ABA curriculum to specifically address their learning needs in a group setting. The class size is very small so that Bridge teachers can offer high quality educational opportunities and support for all children to excel.
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Educational Consultation

Our highly trained Special Educator and Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) provide families and school personnel with behavioral and educational consultation and hands-on trainings. Our services for schools and other educational programs vary from student-specific support to classroom and school-wide support system. We will complete a needs assessment with each school/program to determine the levels of comprehensive interventions that best suit its goals.

Seminar and Workshop

We offer seminars and workshops to parents, educators and other professionals to orient them to the basic principles of ABA and their application. The focus will be on the practical value of ABA principles and how to apply them in home and school settings to create positive, effective learning environments.