Toyko ABA Support (TAS) is a group of professionals who are dedicated to comprehensive, individualized educational services for children with special needs. With consistent, structured teaching, we help children learn age-appropriate communication, social and self-management skills and lead more independent and socially active lives.

Our Mission

Most children come to TAS because of apparent behavioral or learning difficulties, and delays in cognitive, language, motor, and/or social skills. Some children are referred from their pediatrician or school (preschool and grade school) while others are brought directly by concerned parents. We evaluate and treat a wide range of developmental disabilities, including pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), language disorders, verbal apraxia, pragmatic language delay, learning disabilities (LD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), and feeding disorders.
We believe that every moment is a valuable learning opportunity. At TAS, children are encouraged to intensively work on individualized learning goals and participate in various activities. In addition, we develop a close partnership with families and provide resources and training they need to understand their children’s unique needs.

The guardion’s experience

Before starting at Tokyo ABA Support, we tried many different therapies for our son. Yet he did not speak at all. However, we were very excited when he started calling us “Mommy, Daddy” in a couple of weeks at Tokyo ABA Support. They did open up a door which seemed almost impossible for our son to unlock on his own. We’ve been given a lot of practical guidance and support whenever we come up with a parenting question. Now, we feel very positive about what we can do as parents.
(Y’s Mother)